"The laser allows me to weld on jewelry that would be either too dangerous or too labor intensive to repair, not only can we now do what was too costly or flatly impossible before, but now we can do it, and the weld is better than if it was done with conventional solders."
William Elkins
President, Niche Jewelry

Here at Niche Jewelry we combine tried and true goldsmithing techniques that have been refined over centuries of human ingenuity with brand new technological approaches to jewelry design, manufacture and repair. We know that your jewelry is special to you and we have numerous techniques to insure that your jewelry will survive the test of time.

Whether it is maintaining your jewelry in like new condition or repairing an heirloom that has suffered damage, you can be sure that your jewelry will be treated with care and respect as well as repaired with techniques that make sure the job is done right the first time. Because our repair facilities are located on site, there is no need to worry about your jewelry leaving the store.

Our willingness to embrace the latest technology and techniques enables Niche Jewelry to do more than other jewelry stores. Check out our gallery to see examples of how we are taking jewelry design and repair to new levels.