The Niche Difference

"I have found jewelry design and creation to be a fulfilling career, and now is a fantastic time to be in the field. With new technologies and high tech tools the only thing preventing the creation of a piece of jewelry is your imagination. If you can imagine it, and describe it to me, I can probably make it for you."
William Elkins
President, Niche Jewelry

Niche Jewelry is a full service retail and repair shop. We can repair just about any jewelry item from costume to antique, hand crafted to mass produced; we can even repair things others would not even try to repair (including fixing poorly repaired items). Our specialty is custom made jewelry that is manufactured from scratch on site.

William Elkins has been designing and making jewelry since 1989. He travels yearly to study with some of the leaders in the field of jewelry design, stone setting, antique restoration, and jewelry manufacturing. He sees jewelry as a perpetually growing field and constantly pushes himself to adopt new techniques and learn from anyone and everyone he can.

Niche Jewelry embraces technology and this enables them to do more than other jewelry stores. Through the use of laser welding and 3D computer design, Niche Jewelry takes jewelry design and repair to whole new levels.

Early in 2006 Niche Jewelry embraced computers to do new designs. This technology allows customers to see their designs in a simulated 3D before they see the finished piece. From the computer, the design is precision milled using a high quality Model Master mill.